Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WIP Wednesday #2

Good morning Creators!

I hope your past week was a productive one!

Did you finish any projects?  Did you start any new ones?

I finished my Creeper Canvas this week, but nothing else.

I did start a new creation though.  GALAXY SOAP!

A photo posted by Nona (@nonersays) on

Now, don't be shy, come share what you're working on. All kinds of art and crafts are welcome to share their progress.

Also, feel free to snag our new WIP Wednesday Button and link it up!

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  1. I was glad to see the button and it's a nice one too! I'm trying to pass the word along so hopefully more and more will come and link up each week.

    1. Thanks Marsha. I told you I'd try to have one by this week. -smile-

      I'm trying to find more crafty places to share my posts and linkys too.

      Oh, and how do you make the little scroll box thingy for your code on your sidebar? I thought I figured it out but clearly not.