Hi Ya'll!

My name is Nona, and I'm a craft addict.  Just the thought of being alone in a room with a glue gun and some craft sticks is enough to make my heart go all aflutter.

But while I spend as many hours on pinterest as the next craftaholic, I'm also a realist.  I'm never going to find a $3 bedside table at a thrift store and flip it into a fantastic work of crafty goodness that sells for $300 and gets pinned 67,000 times.

Which is to day, I like to craft for  the sake of crafting, and I've created this page for people with the same passion.

This is a site of craft fun for people who are just as happy making toilet paper roll puppets and Popsicle stick treasure chests as they are working with expensive craft tools and supplies because the joy is in the creation.

Are all the crafts on this page my own idea?

Nope. In fact hardly any of them are my own brain children, but I will always link to where I first saw the idea, be it pinterest, facebook, youtube or wherever else.

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