Monday, August 22, 2016

Journal Monday - My Happy Planner

Good Monday friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

This past week I didn't really do anything with my art journal, BUT, I did grab hold of my Happy Planner and got a little creative.

My Happy Planner "Follow Your Heart" is a
July 2016 - December 2017 one.
I bought my Planner a few months ago because, you know, all the cool kids were doing it.  It certainly wasn't because my life is particularly busy and in need of planning.  I work.  I come home.  I sleep.  I work.  I come home.  I sleep.

So needless to say, my planner was looking kind of pitiful.

Late last night I was flipping through my planner and thought, you know what, I'm gonna put something on these pages!

So, me being me I grabbed the nearest magazine (that just happened to be Teen Vogue) and a pair of scissors and my trusty gluestick, and I started flipping through, cutting out, gluing down.

What do any of these pictures have to do with my life in particular?  Not a darn thing really, other than I saw them and I liked them, so I put them on a page to stop it from being blank and boring.

It started with Yesterday (Sunday) and the dancing girl and the word "Happy"  and then I found a bright colorful ad, and then a couple of other images to fill in the blanks.  And my finished pages are colorful and fun.

This prompted me to dig out my old 5x7 Iris box that I once used to store words for my Found Poetry, and start going through it.  This box is small and compact, and can hold a couple of pens and a small glue stick as well so could toss it in my bag and travel with it if I wanted.

Gee, I wonder why this call this
machine the "X"?
Meanwhile I need to find where I put my Xyron X, which is also PERFECT for making stickers the in a size that would work with my happy planner.  I've had mine for several years now, first used it to make stickers for pen-pal letters and journal pages.  I wonder why I quit using it so much?

I have plans for doing more in my Happy Planner in the upcoming months.  I'm going to be making a Daily Habit Tracker starting in September for one thing.  I have a mood tracker that I've not been using and I need to start that again.

I've been looking into bullet journaling, and since the Happy Planner has graph paper I can work my favorite bullet journal ideas into my planner.

There is also a Fitness Planner extension that I'm going to use to make my own fitness planner.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday #15

Happy (end of Wednesday) my friends!

Sorry this is coming so very late in the day but I'm just getting home from work, after spending the entire morning at the hospital for a surgical consult.

I still having started stitching on my Zenbroidery woman.  If her eyes were open I bet she'd be looking at me rather disdainfully.

I didn't do the washi tape/toothpick craft either, but I did do this!

Yeah, its on a different site than this one, but I'm trying to post some things at places where I might actually earn a few cents (cause this starving artist is about to have to pay out of pocket for a surgery!)

So, what have you been up to this week?

Remember, this linky is open ALL WEEK LONG, so if you start a project feel free to jump on in and add your link!

Also, pass us around!  The more eyes the better!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday #14

Hello my fellow creators!

I'm sorry to have left so much time between posts.  I've been a crafting slacker and ashamed to show my face just to say, "I didn't do anything." again and again and again.

This week I finally put my Zenbroidery in a hoop.  I still haven't actually stitched a thing on it, but its ready just in case.

Here is what she looks like out of the pack.

And here she is in her hoop.  I think I'm going to start with a satin stitch on her lips.

I'm also putting together the stuff to make a couple of projects for here an another site I write for.

Washi tape, toothpicks and book text (not pictured) will be involved in my next projects.
What do you think I'm making?

I also plan to pick up some craft feathers today (or soon), and if its not too early I plan to have a Fall Candle craft soon.

So, what have you been working on?  Please, share your projects with us!