Friday, April 29, 2016

Make Your Own Slime, Goo, Putty

A while back I bought my oldest son some slime.  He liked to use it when he was playing with his Batman and Joker toys and the Joker Laff Factory by Fisher-Price.  He put the slime in the pool, and either Batman or the Joker would end up in it.

Well, this slime was very slimy.  It ended up all over his clothes, and his floor, and his dresser.  It got dirty, and eventually it got dried up.

And he was slimeless.

I could not find any more of that slime where I bought it so I turned to my old pal Pinterest and found some DIY slime!

I made two batches.  The first I used white glue, and made it WITH my son.  Because it was for him.

The second one I made to take pictures of the process.  I used clear glue for mine.


1 tsp of Borax
1 and 1/2 cups water
4 oz bottle of glue
food coloring (optional)
glitter (optional)
2 bowls and spoons for mixing (can also use craft sticks to stir)


1.  Take your bottle of glue and DUMP all of it into one of your mixing bowls.

2.  Fill your glue bottle with 4 ozs of water.  Close it up, give it a good shake, then dump that into the bowl with your glue.  Mix Well.

(OPTIONAL STEP: If you want colored goo, add a few drops of color to your glue mixture and mix well.  If you want sparkle goo, this is also where you would add the glitter.  Remember, food coloring might stain skin or clothing.)

3.  Pour a cup of water (8oz) into your second bowl.  Add 1 tsp of borax.  Stir until the borax has completely dissolved into the water.

4.  SLOWLY pour the Borax mixture into the glue mixture.  You should notice an IMMEDIATE reaction as the glue mixture turns clumpy and slimy.  Stir until it wont stir, then get your hands in it and knead it!

Continue to knead your Goo until it is a stretchy putty consistency.  This can take several minutes.  If you think its never going to come together, just be patient and keep squishing and kneading.

Now you have hours of slime filled fun in the palm of your hands!

The one on the right I made.  The one on the left I made with my son.

When not playing with your goo it should be kept in an air tight container.  If it starts to dry out, add a few drops of water and knead again.

OR....just make some more!


  • Try different glues.  White glue makes an opaque slime.  Clear glue makes a transparent slime.
  • If you don't want to add food coloring and/or glitter, then you can try using Elmer's Glitter Glue as the glue base:
    Available at Amazon
  • Add different things to the slime!  You can put alphabet beads in it, or plain beads, or any kind of small toys.  Just make sure your additives don't dissolve when wet.
  • Having a party?  Whip up a batch of slime for party favors.  Princess party?  Make pink slime.  Frozen party?  Make blue goo!  Paw Patrol?  Color glue to match each of the pups!


I made the pink slime using white glue and no glitter, and it turned out perfectly.

I made the blue slime using clear glue and glitter, and it did not turn out the same.

The pink glitter flows, and is stretchy.  It can be squeezed and mushed.  The blue one cracks and crumbles when you squeeze it and tears instead of stretching.  But the parts always melt back together when you leave it sitting for a while.

I'm not sure if I accidentally added too much or too little of something.  I guess we'll find out next time we make some.


  1. You've only got yourself to blame if it ends up all over the furniture! :)

  2. I did this all the time when my son was younger he had so much fun with it and was so happy to have made it himself.