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A DIY Day is a brand new blog, launched in April 2016.  

A DIY Day is one of the Noner Say family of blogs, run by Nona Morris.

Noner Says has a following of:


Our Family of crafters includes:
Nona: 34 year old woman.
Spencer: 2 year old boy
Parker: 6 year old boy
Hubby: 49 year old man.


I do offer advertising on my page, in the form of a button or banner that fits in my sidebar.

I also offer advertising in the form of reviews on my blog.

If you have questions about sidebar advertising you can contact me at or keep reading to find out about reviews.


I would love to review your arty or crafty item(s) including but not limited to:
  • Adult Craft Kits
  • Children's Craft Kits
  • Art or craft supply items such as paint, paint brushes, markers, crayons, adhesives and any other supplies. 
  • Art or craft books, how to books, etc.

1.  I am willing to review any product free of charge, in exchange for a free sample of the product.

2.  If the product is not provided free of charge I will charge the retail cost of the product +50% (to cover shipping and/or my time spent searching for the item online or locally).

3.  All reviews will be done within 2 to 6 weeks of me receiving the item.  The complexity of the item determines how long it takes to properly read and/or try and review the item.

4.  I will disclose in my review whether I received the item for free or it was a paid review.  All reviews will be honest reviews.

If you have questions or would like for me to review your Art or Craft kit or product, 
Feel Free to Contact Me


A giveaway is a great way to bring awareness to your product.

1.  If I receive an item(s) to review (free of charge or a paid review) I will host this giveaway free of charge.

2.  Giveaways will run for your choice of 2 to 4 weeks to allow for more exposure to your page(s).  Giveaways will link to facebook, twitter, your brands home page, and any other pages you would like to drive traffic towards.

3.  Winners will be chosen at random and I will e-mail you the winners information.

4.  The product should be shipped by you to the winner (free of charge). 

If you have questions or would like for me to host a giveaway for your art or craft product(s), 
Feel Free to Contact Me

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