Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Happy to see you back today my creative friends!

This past week I played with the recycling again and made a Donut Trinket Box!

Last night I bought myself a new cross stitch kit to work on:

Right now I've not even opened the package, but I hope to have an update for you next week!

Now, its your turn!:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Donut Trinket Box - Make it Monday

Make A Donut Trinket Box 

June 2nd was National Donut Day.  And while I missed the actual day by a week or two, who doens't love donuts no matter WHAT day of the year it is.

So when I saw this adorable Donut Trinket Box on HGTV Handmade I had to give it a try.  It was adorable and it looked simple enough. It didn't take much and and had it all on hand.  You probably do too!

I love this glue gun by
Ad Tech for its precision
tip nozel and dual temp!


Recycled cardboard
Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Donut Template (see video below)
Acrylic paint and brushes.

So, I ran to my recycling, grabbed  some cardboard, printed out the template and started my first attempt.

DIY Tip: Print the template out on thick cardstock instead of plain printer paper to make it easier to trace around.

Unfortunately my first attempt was a flop.  I got my temples printed and cut out, got my glue gun heated up and then I struggled to get my cardboard sides to fit around my donut box's top and bottom.  In the end it was a hot glue smeared, stringy hot mess that wouldn't fit together because my inner holes became the same size!

The biggest thing I took away from that even was the following:

DIY Tip:  Use a THICKER cardboard for the top and bottom of the doughnut.  Courogated shipping boxes work well.  Use a thinner cardboard, like a cereal box or toilet paper tubeingfor the outer and inner walls of your doughnut trinket box.

I didn't let that stop me though.  Armed with a little practice, I re-cut my top and bottom out of thicker cardboard and tried again.

This go around I had much less problem gluing on the sides because my base had more thikness for the glue, and my sides, to actually stick TO.   In the end there were less gluts of glue, and the top of my Donuts Trinket Box actually went on to the bottom of the box properly!

Now that the thing was built it was time to decorate it!  This is really the best part!  I made mine a chocolate donut with strawberry icing!

DIY tip: If your recyled cardboard is glossy (the outer sides of packaging usually is), you should sand it down so your paint will stick better.

If I were to make another box I think I would make the wall of the bottom  2 inches instead of 1 inch, to see the differene in my bottom and icing better.  Also, It would hold a few more things.  I think I would also make the drippy side of the icing BEFORE I glued it to the top of the donut.  It was a little difficult to cut after it was together.

Learn how to make this box, and two others, in the video below!

If you try this for yoursel I'd LOVE for you to share it with me!

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