Thursday, April 21, 2016

A DIY Day Earth Day Celebration

Today (April 22) is Earth Day!

I wasn't able to complete a craft this week, but I have compiled a list of cute crafts and activities to help you celebrate Earth Day in true DIY style!

After all, every DIY Day is Earth Day.

1.  Make leaf prints in Air Dry clay.  Crayola Model Magic is super soft to work with, and dries quickly!  OR you can make your own salt dough for impressions.

Other green crafts can been found in The Garden Classroom.

Despite the "Garden" in the title, this book is not all about planting and growing seeds.  Its a learning book that also incorporates reading and writing, arts and crafts, math skills and how you can use the great outdoors to stimulate imagination and play.

2.  Use old newspapers and magazines to make upcycled garbage art!  You can make fun collages from magazine pictures, or something even more fun like making a paper mache earth from newspaper strips and a balloon.

3.  Recycle or upcycle even more items to make something new.  Like this Sun-catcher made from an empty soda bottle!

4. Make a recycled bird feeder.  There are so many ways to do this!

5.  Ellen from daily heART doesn't have a tutorial, but you can use this twig heart for earthy craft inspiration.  (Just make sure to use fallen twigs and not break them off the trees!)

6.  Create a Game!  Use milk jugs and newspaper to create a toss and catch game!

7.  Make a Bookmark using pressed leaves and flowers with recycled cardboard.

8.  Give someone a Plantable Recycled Paper Seed Card.

9.  Have a Lorax party. 

10.  PLANT A TREE.  One of the most earth friendly things you can do for Earth Day is to help the earth keep breathing by planting a tree.  Or you can get a free pack of seeds and help FeedABee and take a step towards saving the worlds declining bee population.

There's just a few quick ideas to get you started this Earth Day.

If those inspired you and you want to see even more, Follow my Earth Day board on Pinterest!

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