Monday, September 19, 2016

Dreamcatcher - Art Journal Monday

I've been doing my collage art journal pages than anything else lately, using my tiny journal.

Today I broke out one of my larger sketchbooks and some acrylic paint.  No collage for me today.

I pulled up YouTube and opened a tutorial, but only loosely followed it.  (Video at end of blog.)

I had painted this page blue at one point for a project, but never did whatever I had planned.  It was perfect for this paint along.

 My feathers did not turn out as nice as the Art Sherpa's.  Then again I'm not that good of an artist.  I also have sub-par (cheapest possible) supplies.

 Still, I don't think I did that bad considering my skill level.  I like them.

By the time I got to the beads I just needed to get the page done, because I had to clear off the table for lunch.  (The dining room table is the only space I have to create art.)  So they just kind of got blotted on without any detailing.

And here is my Dreamcatcher all finished.  (Or is it?) 
I couldn't help but feel SOMETHING was missing.

I hate to waste any paint, so I took what was left on the pallet and smeared with a brush all over the page in front of the one I was working on.  

One day this will be the background of a new art journal page. might just remain smears of paint on a page for the rest of its life, but at least it didn't go in the garbage like this lovely paper plate pallet did.

 Meanwhile, after lunch, this happened.  I kept feeling like something was missing, and just had to do some of my "found poetry" on it.

So while most of this was hand painted, I ended up doing a little collage with text from a magazine.

And, here is the video that inspired this art journal page.

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