Monday, August 22, 2016

Journal Monday - My Happy Planner

Good Monday friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

This past week I didn't really do anything with my art journal, BUT, I did grab hold of my Happy Planner and got a little creative.

My Happy Planner "Follow Your Heart" is a
July 2016 - December 2017 one.
I bought my Planner a few months ago because, you know, all the cool kids were doing it.  It certainly wasn't because my life is particularly busy and in need of planning.  I work.  I come home.  I sleep.  I work.  I come home.  I sleep.

So needless to say, my planner was looking kind of pitiful.

Late last night I was flipping through my planner and thought, you know what, I'm gonna put something on these pages!

So, me being me I grabbed the nearest magazine (that just happened to be Teen Vogue) and a pair of scissors and my trusty gluestick, and I started flipping through, cutting out, gluing down.

What do any of these pictures have to do with my life in particular?  Not a darn thing really, other than I saw them and I liked them, so I put them on a page to stop it from being blank and boring.

It started with Yesterday (Sunday) and the dancing girl and the word "Happy"  and then I found a bright colorful ad, and then a couple of other images to fill in the blanks.  And my finished pages are colorful and fun.

This prompted me to dig out my old 5x7 Iris box that I once used to store words for my Found Poetry, and start going through it.  This box is small and compact, and can hold a couple of pens and a small glue stick as well so could toss it in my bag and travel with it if I wanted.

Gee, I wonder why this call this
machine the "X"?
Meanwhile I need to find where I put my Xyron X, which is also PERFECT for making stickers the in a size that would work with my happy planner.  I've had mine for several years now, first used it to make stickers for pen-pal letters and journal pages.  I wonder why I quit using it so much?

I have plans for doing more in my Happy Planner in the upcoming months.  I'm going to be making a Daily Habit Tracker starting in September for one thing.  I have a mood tracker that I've not been using and I need to start that again.

I've been looking into bullet journaling, and since the Happy Planner has graph paper I can work my favorite bullet journal ideas into my planner.

There is also a Fitness Planner extension that I'm going to use to make my own fitness planner.

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  1. This is so cool. I used to do this all the time as a teenager and it really was motivating and made me feel happy. Maybe I should do it again. My diary looks very grown up and boring. Good luck with your fitness planner.